TLCP is a proud and active participant in the Colorado Preschool Program (CPP).

To meet the objectives below, we have built a classroom that is developmentally appropriate so that each individual child can grow physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively. We try to offer a safe, stimulating environment with materials and activities that are appropriate for the child's age and abilities so they can explore, grow and learn.

Educational Objectives

  • To ensure a safe, emotionally supportive environment
  • To foster a positive self-concept
  • To develop social skills
  • To encourage language and literacy skills
  • To enhance physical development
  • To encourage self-help and independence skills
  • To encourage children to think, reason and experiment
  • To encourage creative expression and art expression
  • To support and develop partnerships with families

Children need an opportunity to experience different types of activities during the day to promote their fine motor skills, cognitive skills and socio-emotional skills. Our classroom has been set up with learning centers specifically designed for our 3 year old room and our Pre-K room to allow the children to learn at their own pace and through hands on experience.

Learning Centers

  • Language Center - A quiet area for the children to look at a variety of books.
  • Listening Center - An area for the children to listen to music and stories.
  • Writing Center - An area with paper, pencils, markers and stencils.
  • Art Center - A place for the children to show their creative side.
  • Manipulative/Math Center - Includes materials to develop fine motor skills and cognitive skills, such as puzzles, small blocks and games.
  • Dramatic Play Center - An area where children make sense of the world by acting out real life events such as cooking, parenting and shopping.
  • Science/Sensory Center - Provides the children with opportunities to explore things associated with nature, weather, light, measurement, magnetism, cooking and to experiment with sensory activities.
  • Music/Movement - Includes singing songs, learning finger-plays, playing musical instruments and dancing.
  • Block Center - Provides children the opportunity to create, imagine and learn about spatial concepts, logical thinking, and to develop fine and gross motor functioning and social interaction.
  • Computer Center - An area for the children to explore technology and to build fine motor skills and cognitive skills.