"My Son started attending their Pre-School classes and we noticed eagerness to attend those classes. He learned so much during each class and met a great group of children. Now he is attending their Pre-Kindergarten classes - we again are so happy that he is learning and printing his letters, numbers, shapes, plus reinforcement of cleanliness habits. We believe he will be well prepared for Kindergarten and very well may be advanced in his Kindergarten class. We are so happy with the Educational Staff and their dedication to each student."

"Awesome school and wonderful teachers who truly care about your children! Highly recommend this school!!!!"

"This is a great preschool, with a staff who truly care about the "whole" child!"

"This school went above and beyond for my daughter. She is 100% ready for kindergarten! I love this school."

"Tri-Lakes Community Preschool is simply the best pre-kindergarten education you can provide for your child I the tri-lakes area bar none. The readiness to learn and ability to adapt to school life in elementary school by TLCP graduates is far and above those of their peers. If you want the best chances for your child to excel in education going forward, start them here!"