Policies & Procedures

  • Registration

    Enrollment slots are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

    • An initial observation of the program is recommended before registering your child.
    • A registration packet containing school information will be given to you. Policies of a family cooperative will be discussed.
    • A child is considered enrolled, providing that there is space available, when the contract is signed by both the parent or guardian and the Director, and the registration fee has been paid.
    • All registration materials must be completed by the first day of attendance, including immunization records.
    • Physical forms must be returned within 30 days of the first day of attendance.
    • Monthly tuition is due the first day of attendance and the first session of each month thereafter. September tuition is due the week of August 1st.
    • Children shall be placed on the waiting list when space is not available or if a future placement is requested.
    • A 10-day written notice is required to withdraw your child from the program.
  • Parking

    Signing in and out is required by law.

    • Enter drop-off/pick-up parking lot from the east driveway on Franklyn. Exit from west driveway on Franklyn.
    • Daily volunteers should park in the permanent parking places on the west side of the school.
    • Park between lines. Stay on the pavement in five minute lot and behind front limit line in permanent spaces.
    • Parking in drop-off/pick-up lot is for dropping off or picking up children only and is limited to five minutes.
    • DO NOT let children run in parking area! Always hold their hands!
    • DO NOT drive across the landscaping!
  • Dropoff & Pickup Procedures


    Group Time begins promptly at 9:00.

    • Plan to arrive between 8:30 and 8:50 am for morning preschool
    • Walk your child into the preschool and sign in (volunteers, write down your time of arrival so it may be accurately recorded!)
    • Bring all children from your car with you or leave them with another adult for safety reasons - please leave no children unattended.
    • Encourage your child to hang his or her own coat up, give a big hug and leave. Wait until he or she is greeted by a teacher before departing.
    • Depart the building promptly and socialize with other parents away from the classroom. Do not discuss confidential issues.
    • PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE call the school between 8:30 and 9:30 if your child is going to be absent!!!


    Children must exit the building with their parent once they have been picked up.

    • Plan to arrive between 12:55 and 1:05 for pick up.
    • Check your child’s cubby and parent mailbox daily.
    • Sign your child out.
    • Find your child and make sure a teacher sees you.
    • Children shall only be released to those authorized on the child’s registration card. Personal identification will be required for all unknown persons.
    • In an emergency situation where an unauthorized adult will be picking up a child, the parent must speak directly to a staff member only. Verbal authorization will be taken for only the specific time and identification will be checked.
    • Socialize with other parents away from the parking area. Do not discuss confidential issues. Do not let children run in the building or parking lot.
    • For safety, you must accompany your child to the car. Children running in the parking lot will not be tolerated.
    • Call if there is an emergency and you will not be able to pick up your child on time.
    • A late fee is assessed if a child is picked up after 1:15. If a parent is more than one half hour late, the emergency numbers will be called. If the parent or emergency contacts have not arrived within two hours, the local police in Monument will be called and we will follow their instruction.
  • Snow Days & Late Start

    Snow closures follow District #38’s decision for public schools.

    If there is a 2 hour delay, all preschool sessions are canceled. In case of a School District #38 early dismissal due to inclement weather, the preschool will also have early dismissal.

    The following radio and TV stations broadcast Lewis Palmer District #38’s closures:

    • AM Radio: KSSS (740), KVOR (1300), KCMN (1530), KOA (850 Denver)
    • FM Radio: KRCC (91.5), KILO (94.3), KRDO (95.1), KKRM (98.1), KVUU (99.9), KATM (100.7), KKCS (101.9), KKLI (106.3)
    • TV: KOAA (Channel 5), KKTV (Channel 11), KRDO (Channel 13)

    Tuition is not refunded for snow days; however, if there is a prolonged period of closure due to snow, the following policy has been established:

    • 2 days a week: Maximum of 5 snow days will require no refund or reduction
    • 3 days a week: Maximum of 6 snow days will require no refund or reduction
    • 4 days a week: Maximum of 7 snow days will require no refund or reduction
    • 5 days a week: Maximum of 8 snow days will require no refund or reduction

    When school closure exceeds the maximum for the school year, half tuition will be due for every day that exceeds the maximum allowed, according to the schedule by which the child attends the preschool. Days are counted according to closure days as decided by District #38 administration.

  • Health & Safety


    Please adhere to the following rules to maintain a healthy school.

    • Children feeling sick, or those whose temperature has not been normal for 24 hours after running a fever, or those who have been on antibiotics less than 24 hours must remain home for the day. If staff determines the child is still sick, they will be asked to leave.
    • Parents or guardians will be contacted if a child is feeling ill and asked to pick up their child immediately. No child shall be released to any adult other than those authorized by parents on the child’s emergency card. Identification will be checked for any unknown adult.
    • If a doctor prescribed medication that must be given during regular preschool hours, we must have a signed doctors prescription and it will be locked in a plastic box in the refrigerator if needed, or else locked on the shelf behind the director’s desk. A time record will be recorded when medication is administered. NO over the counter medications will be given - only prescription medication in its original container will be given to a child with a signed medication slip.
    • TLCP follows the procedure for storing and administering children’s medicines and delegation of medication administration in compliance with Section 12-38-132, CRS, of the “Nurse Practice Act”.
    • Universal precautions will be used in the handling of bodily fluids or waste with all children.
    • Confidentiality will be maintained.
    • When a child is injured, with an injury that is not superficial, such as a skinned knee or scraped elbow, the parent will be called immediately after the first aid is administered, or immediately if another adult is present. With a superficial injury, the parent will be notified when the child is picked up at the end of the preschool session. With a life threatening or serious injury, the parent will be notified after 911 is called and the Department of Social Services will then be notified.
    • All children must either have the chicken pox vaccine or have had the chicken pox.


    Your child's safety is our main priority.

    • In the case of an emergency or natural disaster, planning has provided for the safety of students and staff. The staff shall be responsible for instructing parent volunteers and children as appropriate and for contacting the appropriate authorities and parents.
    • In the case of suspected natural gas or carbon monoxide leaks, children will be evacuated, and emergency numbers called.
    • Fire Drill exit procedures are posted and fire drills will be practiced on a regular basis.
    • Playground and classroom equipment is inspected yearly for state licensing, and is maintained by the preschool.
    • A head count of all children in each classroom will be taken when they arrive (1st morning group) and at every transition time during the session. This includes bathroom time, washing hands, clean up, and outdoor time (during and after). Any time a child is missing, all areas inside and outside will be immediately inspected by the director. If the child is not found, all exits will be locked from the outside, and exact roll call will be done in each classroom, and the parent/guardian and 911 will be called immediately.
    • When a tornado is spotted in the area, children will be directed into both bathrooms. If there are too many children for the bathrooms, children will get coats and go under tables placed in the center of the building - away from windows. Tornado drills will be practiced periodically.
    • During the late spring, summer, and early fall, all children must come with sunscreen applied. Children who attend morning and afternoon sessions may bring sunscreen to re-apply with their name on the bottle and a permission slip signed.
    • If excessively hot, outdoor time will come early in the morning, or children will remain inside the air-conditioned building.
    • If a child arrives after their group has left on a field trip, the parent/guardian is to bring the child directly to the location, or arrange with the other classroom to accept the child until the group returns.
  • Special Needs

    Parents or guardians will be contacted if a child is suspected of having any handicapping conditions.

    • Upon parent or guardian approval, the child shall be referred to Child Find - District 38 (559-0800) or appropriate school district, for screening and possible evaluation in compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act.
    • Enrollment of a child identified with special needs will be reviewed by the staff and board representation. A decision will be made if this is the most appropriate placement for the child.
  • Television Policy

    Movies are sometimes shown during indoor recess, or for special teaching occasions.

    A signed permission form will be required prior to children watching videos in the classroom. The permission form will cover the entire school year and will be kept on file.

  • Child Abuse

    The school is required by law to report suspected child abuse or mistreatment.

    • Any child suspected of being subjected to abuse, or to conditions that might result in abuse must be reported to the state.
    • The teacher/director shall be responsible for providing a written report and for immediately contacting the El Paso County Department of Social Services.
  • Nondiscriminatory Policy

    The Tri-Lakes Community Preschool admits students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies and financial aid.

  • Grievance Policy

    Please be open about any problems or issues you may be having.

    • All grievances by parents or guardians, employees, and board members may be addressed to the Director. If the issue is not resolved by the Director, then a board member will assist.
    • The Department of Social Services can be contacted at (303) 866-5359 if necessary.
  • Disenrollment

    When necessary, disenrollment will be considered on an individual basis. A conference is required with the child’s teacher, the director, and at least one board member for this to occur.

  • Discipline

    Discipline is an important aspect of any preschool program because young children, in the process of growing, need positive guidance in many areas.

    Classroom rules covering respect for others, taking turns, allowing others to speak without interrupting, and self-control will be reinforced daily.

    Children learn from self-directed problem solving and experimentation. They will be assisted by adults to develop social skills such as cooperating, helping, negotiating and talking with the person involved to solve interpersonal problems.

    If a child is unable to control physical or verbal behaviors that adversely affect the safety of students and adults, parents will be contacted and a discipline plan will be formulated by teacher and parent to correct his or her behaviors. A written agreement between all parents involved will be signed and carried out. If the child violates the discipline plan, he or she will be referred to an appropriate program and tuition will be refunded. Appeals will be dealt with on an individual basis.

    The following guidelines are encouraged for all adults in the classroom:

    • The behavior of a child must be discussed only with the Staff.
    • When discussing a child, do so when s/he is not present.
    • Adhere to a hands-off policy unless the child is in a situation in which he or she is physically hurting him or herself or others, in which case the teacher will remove the child from the situation without a warning.

    If a minor problem arises in disciplining a child, use the 3 R’s method:

    1. Redirect
    2. Remove
    3. Restrain